Welcome to the web page of Planning,  Budgeting, Monitoring/Management Information Systems Unit (PBM/MISU).

In 1972, Development and Planning Unit was created to provide maximum administrative support for the Vice- Chancellor. The Unit metamorphosed into the Directorate of Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring in 1975 during the Directorate system of administration in the University. It became a Unit once again when the system was dismantled and in 2002, the Management Information Systems Unit was merged with the Unit to become Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring/Management Information Systems Unit (PBM/MISU).

The merger was to strengthen and equip the PBMU further with tools for data management, the function the Unit had been performing. The National Universities Commission (NUC) however refers to the unit as the Academic Planning Unit just as it is in all Nigerian Universities, whether public or private.


The objectives of the Unit are, among others:

- To develop a data bank for planning and budgeting and information system for the University.

- To develop planning parameters and cost saving devices through the use of the modern scientific management methods and tools.

- To prepare the annual estimates of the Recurrent Expenditure (in collaboration with the Bursary of the University).

- To develop the Action plan, Academic Brief, Strategic plan, etc of the University.

- To monitor space and other facilities available in the University.

- To evaluate the resources of the University and plan the allocation of funds and other resources.

- To assist in systems development

- To liaise with the National Universities Commission on all issues that pertains to academic planning and quality control of academic programmes.


The major goals are:

- To ensure the judicious utilization and management of the University's resources through the use of scientific and modern budgeting techniques.

- To ensure constant availability of data in the data bank for the development of indices for planning and determination of performance indicators.

- Computerization of student's and staff records for easy accessibility to information.

- Coordination of information on staff establishment, variation etc.


The PBM/MIS Unit comprises three (3) Sections viz:

(i) Academic Planning and Statistics/Budget Section

(ii) Resource Planning /Monitoring System Analysis and Space Management

(iii) Management Information Systems Unit



S/N Name of Staff Designation
1 Dr. E.A. Agbaje Ag Director
2 Mr. O.D. Abidoye Chief Systems Programmer
3 Mr. F.C. Awosope Planning Officer I
4 Mr. O.J. Balogun Planning Officer I
5 Mrs M.K. Sobola Administrative Officer II
6 Mr. J.W. Mobolaji Planning Officer III
7 Mrs. F.T. Ogundokun Planning Officer III
8 Mr. O.O. Durotoye Planning Officer III
9 Mrs. F.O. Nmerole Confidential Secretary I
10 Mr. J.O. Bamigboye Prin. Executive Officer I (Data Processing)
11 Mrs. A.O. Ajala Senior Executive Officer
12 Mr. K. Salami Chief Secretarial Assistant
13 Mrs. B.I.  Adeleke Chief Secretarial Assistant
14 Mr. M.O. Balogun Chief Clerical Officer
15 Mr. R.Z. Aina Clerical Officer
16 Mrs. R.E. Adeyera Clerical Officer
17 Mr. G. Adeyemi Chief Office Assistant
18 Mr. J.O. Adenuga Office Assistant